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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


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The lack of any semblance of online status bothers me the most.


Re: notifications. Can't you turn off banners and sounds in ios settings > notifications >hangouts? AFAIK, this should keep updating the badges.


A portion of your #1 is what I hate the most. I like logging. But it used to be that some sort of cron came by after you were done a conversation, and reduced all the logs of one IM conversation into a single archived email. That email didn't show up in my "sent mail" search, only my "chat" search. Now, each message is its own email in my archives, and they show up in my "sent mail". Since I don't use conversation view, I end up with an unusable "sent" view whenever I'm having conversations with people.

Anyway, as long as I can continue my current workflow of gajim/pidgin/whatever for IMs, I don't care much. I imagine I won't like the gmail-embedded view, but I didn't like the old one either.

Abe Hassan

Nick, you're totally right. I had removed it from Notification Center, I guess that didn't disable the badges/banners by default. Forgot that Notification Center isn't a superset of Notifications. My bad. :D

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